Baby Massage

Taking time out of a hectic day to create a soothing and relaxing environment for baby massage is just as relaxing and emotionally fulfilling for us as it is for our babies.

The benefits of baby massage are well researched and evidence based. Baby massage aids our baby’s development, body awareness, coordination and movement. It also helps to strengthen our baby’s immune system, improves their skin condition and circulation, helps with digestive transit and balances the nervous system and respiration.

Baby massage may also help to relieve many common baby ailments (for example colic, constipation, wind) and may soothe baby’s pain. The relaxation experienced helps to promote better sleep.

Baby massage aids in the development of healthy infant-parent attachments which are important as the foundation from which our babies learn to interact with others.


How to learn.

Next Baby Massage and Infant Nurture course. January 2018. Friday lunchtimes.

 Infant nurture courses are often combined with baby massage and form a six/seven week course that sets you up for parenthood. In the infant nurture aspect of the course we draw upon my experience as a paediatic nurse and share knowledge to help parents cope with a wide variety of baby ailments. We examine both pharmalogical and complementary health care practices to help to treat a wide variety of childhood ailments. We also look ways to assess childhood illnesses and tips for caring for them safely and effectively.

By the end of the course you will have gained skills to perform a respiratory assessment recognize when your child needs to attend the GP, learn new ways of coping with a temperature, discover techniques to monitor fluid balance and created your own first aid box of tricks and more.  Parents have found this course extremely empowering.

1 to 1 tutition is £40 per hour in Canterbury and surrounding area and Broadstairs. A simple full body routine can usually be learnt or a specific therapeutic treatment in just one session at your convenience.