Welcome to Babyspace

With clinics in Broadstairs and Canterbury, Kent, Babyspace provides massage and yoga to enhance your wellbeing and experience. Our specialist services may assist conception,  support you throughout your pregnancy and post birth journey, and optimise your experience of parenthood.  Babyspace specialises in preconception massage and yoga, therapeutic pregnancy massage, yoga and antenatal courses, postnatal massage, yoga and courses and coaching, baby massage,  and baby and toddler yoga to support you and your baby during these precious early years together.

In addition to massage treatments, Babyspace aims to provide supportive, fun, informative and inspirational classes combining baby yoga with yoga for parents so that you can stretch, move and relax together. The classes are themed, organised and well structured. We offer a newborn to crawling, mobile baby and toddler yoga class. We introduce a variety of props such as soft balls, bean bags, colourful scarves and lights, musical rattles, parachutes and puppets to create an inviting environment in which our children can reap the benefits from yoga and massage.

Prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal specific massage treatments and workshops are detailed here but for a full range of services visit www.breathingspaceonline.co.uk.

If you are preparing to conceive or experiencing difficulty in conception book in for a prenatal massage and we can explore what obstacles you are encountering and what may assist you. Once you are pregnant  massage can be wonderfully nurturing - providing time out to relax and connect with your growing baby as well as a therapeutic treatment to alleviate general aches and strains of pregnancy or specific conditions such as Symphysis pubis dysfunction, lymphedema, muscle cramps, etc.

After birth postnatal massage relieves tension and aids healing following birth. It also helps to rebalances energy levels and postnatal hormones.

To discover the research based benefits of massage and yoga and learn about your tutor and therapist please enter this site.