How to Book

How to book your class and terms and conditions

All classes need to be pre-booked as spaces are limited.

Please email or call Natasha on 01843 868851, 07886 980687 or email for all Thanet queries – antenatal yoga enquires, postnatal and baby yoga, baby massage and infant nurture enquires, antenatal and postnatal massage, coaching, relaxation and for antenatal massage and labour preparation workshops plus breastfeeding support.

Contact Claire Ashford on 01303 863130 /07849 850773 or email for postnatal and baby yoga, baby massage, antenatal and postnatal massage in Canterbury and Barham (classes in Ashford, Folkestone and Hythe will be launched in 2017.  s

Antenatal classes are booked and paid for in six week blocks until your reach 37 weeks gestation (35 weeks with twins) whereby you may then pay as you attend each class.

For postnatal, baby and toddler classes every parent and child is welcome to trial a class before committing to a half term. Classes are subsequently payable in half term blocks of six weeks in advance (or to the end of the half term). Classes include social time, refreshments and healthy, tasty snacks and cost £8 for general groups, £10 for small bespoke groups per class. If you miss a class you can carry one class over to the following half term so long as you have paid in full for six weeks. It may be possible to join part way through a term depending on group numbers.

During the school breaks events (such as group picnics, Christmas lunches etc.) will be organized for the parent and baby/toddler classes. You will automatically be enrolled upon the next half term block unless you advise me otherwise. If you think your little one is ready to move up a developmental stage please notify us in advance.

I will add you to the babyspace mailing list and invite you to the use our facebook page so that you can benefit from offers and keep up to date with events. It is easy to unsubscribe at any time.

If you or your child have any significant health changes you need to inform your tutor and update your health questionnaire.

When not to bring your baby/child

If your baby or child has a gastroenteritis infection they must wait 48 hours post recovery before attending a class. If they have a contagious disease or high temperature please do not bring them to class. Minor colds, coughs, teething symptoms, snuffles etc. do not need to affect attendance. If you miss a class due to illness or holiday you are welcome to join another during the same term to make it up or carry one class over to the following half term so long as you have paid in full for six weeks during the same term. Please try to notify us by text or email if you are unable to attend a class. If you are taking a holiday please notify us in advance.