Parent & Toddler Yoga

Parent & Toddler Yoga

These classes are designed to get little ones (and parents) moving and exercising in a fun, inspiring, creative and calm environment.

We aim to enjoy yoga through play using a variety of styles. We use imaginative stories, dance, music and games to engage busy little minds.  We introduce a variety of props such as balls, bean bags, parachutes, puppets, colourful scarves, musical toys and Tibetan sound bowls to create an inviting environment.

As our toddlers become more independent we encourage them to copy us so that they learn a variety of yoga poses, yoga sequences and breathing techniques. Yoga helps to promote body and social awareness, good posture, improve balance, assist co-ordination, enhance relaxation and inspire imagination. It also helps to enhance general wellbeing.

The World health organization and the Department of Health have invested significant sums of money in early years health promotion and childrens centre’s because research shows that our attitudes towards our health are greatly influenced by what we experience in early childhood.

Parent and toddler yoga reinforces positive health attitudes, our children observe their parents exercising and relaxing alongside and reproduce this behaviour. Teamed with positive social and emotional interaction and healthy food this class ticks all the boxes for a good start in life.