Parent & Mobile Baby

Parent and Mobile Baby Yoga (for little ones on the move) 

As our babies begin to explore their environment, our yoga practice expands. We continue to use multisensory play, movement, songs and sensory props to engage our little ones but we also incorporate group activities, diverse sequences  and more time for independent exploration.

Parents have said that the baby yoga songs and sequences help to entertain babies with a variety of daily activities, from changing a nappy on a trained escapee to  soothing them when in discomfort or under the weather.

Many babies really benefit from the calmness that yoga practice promotes; even really energetic little ones will leave feeling more relaxed in body and mind.

Dads are welcome within older baby groups as the focus for parent’s exercise progresses from postnatal yoga to  general yoga that aims to release  tension and strengthen the body. It also  incorporates new ways of handling our babies efficiently as they become  heavier.

It is beneficial for  little ones to observe their parents actively exercising and relaxing as these activities can help to shape their health behaviours in the future.