Post natal & Baby Yoga

This class nurtures both mums and babies and combines baby yoga and postnatal yoga.

In baby yoga we use multisensory play, loving touch and yoga based exercises to support our baby’s development.

Our babies experience relaxed, nurturing touch and closeness along with opening, stimulating stretches and exercises, enabling active relaxation which helps them to regulate their responses to tension and discomfort that accompany many common baby ailments and may help to heal birth trauma. As it is relaxing it encourages the baby to be more settled.

Baby yoga is social and can enhance communication and emotional attachment. We incorporate some singing during movement sequences to engage our babies.

Postnatally, yoga can help to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, realign the spine and pelvis, readdress balance and posture, improve overall tone and fitness and release tension. Restorative postures and relaxations can help to replenish energy levels efficiently and rebalance postnatal emotions and hormones.

Breathing techniques can also be used in daily activities to reduce stress and to rejuvenate. Learning to relax with our babies helps to enhance our sense of wellbeing and our coping mechanisms.

Classes in Broadstairs resume in the New Year.