Aromatherapy for Pregnancy & Birth Workshop

90 minutes of tuition, 2 x 10 ml pure essential oil blends to infuse, a 50 ml spritzer and a massage oil £75

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90 mins

During pregnancy our sense of smell is heightened and more intense and therefore effects of pure essential oils can be exacerbated.  Scent works with our olfactory system and can evoke deep memories that can be positive or challenging. You may wish to fill your birthing space with pleasurable, nurturing and unique aromatherapy scents  that can  instigate significant emotional, mental and physiological shifts.

Having access and guidance to a full range of pure aromatherapy oils and time to explore their properties is a wonderful gift. You can learn a few basic principles of how to create synergistic, safe blends so that you can create aromatherapy blends that can be infused, spritzed or made into therapeutic oil blends.

Why not create a blend you can infuse during your labour to create a calm, safe space? How about an oil blend that your birth partner can massage you with? Make a refreshing calming spritzer, or a blend to aid your postnatal recovery. do you need something to help promote sleep for you and your baby, or something to alleviate pregnancy, postnatal or baby ailments. There are many possibilities so come and enjoy a little creative time in preparation for parenthood.

All blends are fully labelled and come in blue glass bottles.