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A woman’s body undergoes major transformations during pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Post-natal massage is nurturing, emotionally supportive and healing. It also helps to alleviate many physical discomforts.

During pregnancy our growing baby places huge demands upon our own physical wellbeing. Our spinal and pelvic alignment changes along with our weight distribution which affects our balance and sense of proprioception, our ligaments soften to enable childbirth, our abdominal organs are compressed and our blood volume increases changing our respiration, and often causing swelling.

These changes do not miraculously revert back to a pre-pregnancy state over night following childbirth. It takes time, and sometimes a little help.

Postnatal massage offers many benefits. It can: help to alleviate the muscle strain of pregnancy and childbirth, promote pelvic floor healing, rebalance the spine and pelvis,  realign the uterus and digestive system, promote healing after a Caesarian section, help to restore normal walking patterns, prevent and reduce back and neck pain caused by newborn care, and even aid the production of breast milk.

In pregnancy, many energetic changes naturally occur to sustain the growing baby; indeed the direction of the energy flow reverses in the lower three chakras. Simple Reike and Chakra balancing techniques are incorporated into post natal massage when required to rebalance and redirect energy thus enhancing a woman’s sense of wellbeing.

I have devised a therapeutic range of hand blended, organic whenever possible aromatherapy oil blends which are warmed and used for your treatment.