All baby space classes are on hold until January 2020. Booking will reopen late Autumn and classes will recommence in the New Year in our brand new, fully equipped, beautiful yoga studio that offers underfloor heating, tranquil landscaped views set in heart of Broadstairs.

The following breathing space classes will be on offer: 

Antenatal Yoga. Wednesdays 18.00 to 19.15.

Ebb and Flow Yoga. Wednesdays 19.00 to 20.15

Therapeutic Yoga. Fridays. 09.30 to 10.45. 

Postnatal and Baby Yoga. Fridays. 11.00 to 12.00. 

Baby Massage and Infant Nurture. Fridays. 1300-1400. 

£10 per class payable half termly in advance. Early bird discounts possible.

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy and regular practice can help to support and optimise a woman’s wellbeing.

In our pregnancy yoga classes we incorporate postures, sequences synchronised with relaxed breathing, breathing techniques, concentration techniques and guided relaxations.

Posture work can help to improve overall fitness, strengthen musculature, ease tension and pregnancy ailments, and prepare our body and mind for childbirth.

Hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy can affect our emotions and energy levels, so in yoga we use breathing and relaxation techniques to relax, re-energise and rebalance.

Every birth is unique and regardless of how, or where we choose to birth our babies, the breathing techniques, visualisation and simple meditations you will learn in our pregnancy yoga classes can provide support during our transition to motherhood.

Pregnancy yoga can form part of your antenatal care and employers are obliged to allow you paid time off to attend a class. Ask your midwife for details!